Thursday, April 19, 2007

Long Flight

So arrived safely after the long flight. Since I couldn't do my international security check until NYC, I didn't bother to start my socks in case they took my needles (5" US Size1 Brittanys). Even after I got on that flight though, I didn't get as much knitting done as I had hoped since all the courtesy lights in my row didn't work, which meant that after the cabin lights went out I couldn't really do something complex like this. Here is a photo of my progress so far, taken in the Hong Kong International Airport. Over by Arrival Hall B there was a beautiful black stone fountain with benches and plant life around it. The photo of the SIP was taken on one of those benches while I was waiting to meet Salvbard. (Sorry about the blurry photo.)
Towards the end of the flight though, I noticed that one of the other passengers had lifted the shade on their window so I did the same. There was the most beautiful sunrise over Taiwan, that I was immediately inspired to break out my watercolor moleskine. As you can see I was sitting basically right over one of the wings, but I really like its addition to the composition. I wish I had brought a finer pointed pen though. And yes this sunrise really had a pale green. It was incredible!At the moment though, I am exhausted. I am writing this in the airport, so we still need to get to the hostel before I can crash.

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