Saturday, April 21, 2007

HK Museum of Art

I wasn't sure that we would have time, but I am really glad that we ended up making it to the Hong Kong Museum of Art. One of my favorite things about visiting art museums is just wandering around and seeing what calls out to you.
The 2 sections that we spent the most time in were the Lin Fengmian exhibit and the Calligraphy and Painting exhibit. I noticed that the pieces that attracted me most were of 2 types. There were those that used a strong sense of line to produce really clean images that spoke to me, as an artist, of strong confidence . There was also those that had a looseness of style, that allowed the artist to work in brush strokes that were evocative of what they were painting, while not being caught up in the exact placement of each line to be completely realistic.

These are both styles that seem unattainable to me at times. My own work feels more tentative. I am usually still happy with the result, but I spend a lot of time with hesitant small lines. This trip I am really trying to achieve more of that looseness, and with any luck maybe some of the confidence will follow.

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