Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hogwarts Stitch Markers

Previously for Christmas, my aunt had surprised me with an incredible range of beads and bead organizational boxes. I had been talking about learning about beadwork because I was seeing so many other knit bloggers trying their hands at making stitch markers. After only one set though, somehow the beads were put away and I hadn't done a lot with them.

Which makes me incredibly glad that a set of stitch markers was to be included in the care package for our Hogwarts Sock Swap pal. It was just the excuse I needed to get back into making some of these.After a little stash diving, I found the perfect beads for my Ravenclaw pal. Although they look more brown in this photo, the compliment beads to the larger blue ones have a somewhat translucent quality and appear more the bronze I was indeed hoping for.

Now I just have to wait for my ordered yarn to come in to start on the socks!

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Blogger Mrs. Chapman said...

I posted at flickr but I wanted to post here too, I LOVE these. I LOVE them... I haven't gotten to the knitting point yet where I am having to use stich markers but when I do, I surely want to get some of THESE PRETTY ONES! Having pretty tools makes the process all the more fun. I love these.

13/5/07 10:18 AM  

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