Friday, May 18, 2007

Tempted By the Fruit of Another

Do you often have the experience that there is something you really want to work on, but there is something else you feel like you really should work on? In general, I am pretty free of this feeling, but my mom totally brought it out today.

Me: So I have to figure out what to get [my sister] for the bridal shower next weekend.
Mom: I thought you were making her a wedding shawl.
Me: Well yeah, but I am not sure how long the edging will take. So I think I should get her a nice gift certificate to Crate & Barrel or something. You know how much she likes entertaining.
Mom: So you aren't going to try to finish on time?
Me: ...

See my sister has been throwing some not-so-subtle hints that I should start early so that I would finish on time. Lets just say she started in December when I suggested a wedding shawl for a wedding in July.

But people, the wedding is in July! I didn't think anything about the fact that the wedding shower was quite a bit earlier, and it would be expected then. Currently I have 24.5/28 repeats, but I am nervous that I might need 32 as it seems a little small. (The border dictates that I have to add repeats in denominations of 4 at a time.)

And yet... there is the siren call of the baby surprise sweater (Elizabeth Zimmerman was a genius). When Webs announced on their podcast that this was to be the next knit-along I suddenly remembered that I had purchased the pattern a little while ago to knit for my knew niece. Then, auspiciously, Lucy mentioned the yarn I had just taken out to cast on with in the Mind's Eye Yarns newsletter (Cherubs DK).

It's so squishy! And each row is mesmerizing. I absolutely love the way Zimmerman gives her instructions, as I tend to just read my knitting to figure out where I am and where I need to go. With the help of the illustration it was easy to see how the crazy topography was going to work, and each step is absolutely addictive. After 2 evenings I am almost done with the sweater. So close... and yet I put it away and knit several more repeats on the shawl today. I definitely think I can finish the center panel tonight, so there is a small chance that I could finish the edging in a week (gulp). As for blocking, well, I can always do that after gifting but before the wedding if I have to. Right?

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Blogger Rebecca said... word of advice to you is that wedding memories last forever. I didn't ask my future SIL to be a bridesmaid in my wedding because she was very close to her brother, my husband. Years later she brought it up and told me how much that hurt her. If your sissy-wissy is wanting to wear a wedding shawl I would make it a priority. Sorry sweetie, I'm a Mom to two grown girls.

20/5/07 9:14 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

oopsies...I meant to say my SIL was NOT very close to my husband. 15 years later they made up.

20/5/07 9:15 PM  
Blogger omly said...

I actually have no doubt that I would have had the shawl done in the next few anyways. The question was more along the lines of whether it would be done by this weekend for the wedding shower. The wedding is not until July.

21/5/07 8:53 PM  
Blogger Jessica Chapman said...

WOW-- I love both items... I can't wait until I can knit as good as you can :))))) hehehe! How long have you been knitting for anyway? Would like to know! :)

21/5/07 9:25 PM  

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