Tuesday, October 24, 2006

WIP: One Skein 12:01

So after joining the Lonesome Skein Knitalong I had this great idea. I had a single skein of orange and another of green Cascade 220 that I had bought originally to make Knitty's felted pumpkin pattern. Then I saw Magknits'12:01, a felted pumpkin bag, perfect for trick-or-treating or the Thanksgiving table. (I am thinking with Andes mints inside.)

The problem was that I obviously can't read. 3 skeins of Cascade 220?! That will not help me destash my single skeins. So I am adlibbing. I am making a "One Skein"* version of 12:01, and yes I am keeping notes in case anyone is interested in the pattern. After one 2.5 inch setback this weekend I am moving along. I finished the bottom and am working on the sides now. I am hoping to finish it this week so I will have time to felt it and let it dry before Halloween.

*Note that this will probably take 1 skein of orange and a then some extra green.

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Blogger BlackRayne said...

I like 12:01 a lot, but was rather put off by the yardage called for. Can't wait to see how your modified version turns out!

24/10/06 10:55 PM  

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