Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Virgin Moleskine

Ok so if you look at the dates on these pages you will see that I actually did them last week, but never the less they are now scanned so I thought I would talk about them.

The first page (yes the very first page in my new moleskine) is a resketch of a Artist Trading Card I am working on for the Creative Mom Podcast exchange. This was actually my first time working with Prismacolor markers, and I am not sure what I think. This is an interesting technique to me, but I think I will explore grey scale before coming back to color in this media in the future.

The second page is an idea I had to get me out of a rut where I just wasn't drawing. For some reason I felt like I didn't have exactly the right thing or exactly the right materials or enough time. So to overcome those feelings I started my grocery list*. I was flipping through the sale flyers anyways, and thought using this starting place of food I could do some sketches. I really like how this combined art, practicality and functionality. The more I thought about it, the neater I thought is might be years from now to see what I was thinking of buying and how much I was willing to spend. I think this sort of prompt is one that I will probably do again, as I was really pleased not only with the results, but also how much better I felt after doing it.

It really was interesting to me that I could really see myself getting more confident as I went. The first thing I drew were the vine tomatos, which seem really tentative now. At first I considered going back over them, but then I decided to preserve that hesitation so that I could watch myself grow. The last sketch I did was the pear, which I loved! I have always had a fondness for drawing pears, and by that point I was really starting to feel like I had lost less of my ability to draw then I had feared.

*There is a funny story about this shopping. Between being in WI for a month, having a CSA share for produce/local eggs/hormone free milk, and stocking the freezer months ago with sale meats I had not been grocery shopping for the house in over 3.5 months! It seemed sort of odd to go in and be bombarded with all of the marketing. I was so overwhelmed that I ended up walking out pretty much with just pasta and yogurt.



Blogger TheAmpuT said...

I come by way of the Black Bunny Hop, and wanted to tell you that I just love what's going on in your moleskine. Such wonderful thing(s) to preserve.

31/10/06 11:46 AM  

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