Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hot Playground Cashmere Tip

Also I got a got a playground tip last week thatI meant to share. I was knitting while my daughter was playing on the playground (actually specifically I was working on the brown Dulaan hat to give you an idea of when this happened). I ended up sitting in a sunny spot near another mom who was knitting a top down hat (note to self: neat! I want to try that) from some of the most luscious cashmere.

She said that if you order the sample pack from Colourmart that they throw in a small skein of cashmere in too. I have not yet tested this by ordering any yet, but the principle seems both economically sound and mildly like a drug dealer. Dude, here have some cashmere. Sure the first skein is free (well with puchase of a sample pack). Anyways looks interesting. I seriously need to use up some of my stash due to storage issues right now though.


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