Monday, September 25, 2006

The Beginning of Fall

Ok I promise this is not going to become a foodie blog, but I was really struck about a month ago when I listened to the Creative Mom Podcast and Amy was talking about being struck by color. This week that really happened to me, and where I might usually have just brushed aside the thought, I found myself really reflecting on it today.

Although Sunday was gorgeous for the Boston KOAC, it turned cold and stormy afterwards. So I went home and used a bunch of our share to make some beef stew. Normally I am not so struck by food in this way. Look at the color! And you will have to take my word for it that the earthiness of the potatoes, carrots and beets (yes beets) balanced wonderfully with the sweetness of the corn and beans, for a warming taste of the coming colder weather.

The days are getting shorter now, as we pasted the equinox this weekend. With the change of the seasons, I am thinking a little differently about food. Gone is the overabundance of greens that characterized the early parts of the season. For the past few weeks we have been busy canning, freezing and generally preserving as much of our CSA share as we can.

Suddenly, though, as I was walking past our pantry today I had one of those moments that can only be described as being struck by color. So here for you is a selection of my current color pallette this fall. I realized that these colors have been influencing a lot of my color choices recently.

I am drawn to the more subdued greens that will survive the winter. I love the oranges and reds that sadly seem like they will be somewhat lacking in our foliage this year. I crave the depth of color and intensity, as opposed to the garish colors of summer that had suited me until quite recently. The groundedness of the earth tones suits my mood, as I put away some of my summer flexibility for the routine that that September brings. And so I see myself changing with the seasons.

Cotton is stored for another time. Wool, which was present all year, is now making a stronger showing. Alpaca and mohair, which seemed unthinkable previously, have once again been tempting me.

I am thinking about winter holiday gifts and the love which is providing warmth to those you care for. Hats and mittens for school are in queue, despite the knowledge they will probably be lost before it gets warm again. Snuggly socks are in the works. For a select few, given my lessened free time, I am thinking about the perfect patterns for sweaters. I love sweaters or shawls as the perfect things to throw on to cut the chill during the chilly mornings in the house.

I feel like this moment is just a culmination of the preparations that I have been getting ready to make for winter in NewEngland, in everything from color to fiber. It has crept into my conscious thoughts and the more intuitive aspects of my craft. And yet I find myself ready. I am not dreading what is to come. I feel like embrasing the color and crispness of this moment.

As each season comes, I find myself sighing with relief "finally". I think I need this change to keep my creativity fresh. The changes in palettes and mediums that follows the seasons keeps things interesting. So goodbye summer. I will miss you, but not too much. I know you will be back, and in the meantime I can rediscover fall all over again.


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