Monday, September 18, 2006

WIP: Peacock Majesty

This summer I have really been facinated with images of peacocks. So I dug out a kit for TW Design's Peacock Majesty (sadly discontinued) out of my stash early this summer. It isn't getting worked on quite as much as I would like. For the most part it just gets lengthy work only on flights/long car trips and on vacation. It is moving along well though I think.

This is my first project where I have used gridding. I have found that it is really helpful with a larger project such as this. I haven't done any parking yet, but I think that technique would be particularly helpful in the leafy branches in the upper corners.

Despite sorting the floss at the beginning of the project, I am somewhat at a loss to sort the golds greys and browns. As far as I can tell, I do not have as many as I need. Fortunately this kit comes with the DMC numbers for each shade, so I plan to pick up a skein of each of the offending colors to figure it all out.



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