Monday, September 18, 2006

50 Crafty Facts

I am a huge fan of The Creative Mom Podcast. So given that I had just started up this blog anyways, I was really energized when she gave the prompt this week to create a "100 list" about myself. What a great way to introduce myself! I wanted to see if I cool just do crafty, but in the end found that would be stretching myself pretty thin. Wow that was harder than I thought it would be! So instead I am going to list 50 Crafty Facts followed by a second post with just another 50 other facts about me.

So in no particular order:

1. I taught myself to knit using Debbie Stroller's Stich N Bitch the first winter break of graduate school. I am a firm believer in the idea that every graduate student should have a hobby they are passionate about.

2. When I was in elementary school, an adult neighbor MT with no children let me come over every sunday afternoon for "art lessons". I was always interested in art/making things, but I think she really cemented it as a way of life for me.

3. Despite the fact that MT was quite an accomplished crocheter, I never really picked up how to do it properly. This is something that still sort of bothers me, and I would like to learn how to do so correctly this year.

4. The first thing I ever knit was an approximately 6 inch square, which to this day is referred to as an eyeglass cloth despite the fact that no one in my house wears glasses. Yes I kept it.

5. My sister is quite accomplished both at quilting and scrapbooking. Despite interest, these are two crafts I haven't really done a lot of.

6. Since middleschool I have only taken one art class. It was an introduction to drawing class as an undergraduate where I discovered my love for charcoal drawing.

7. I find that I like to spin better than knitting during knitting podcasts. I am not sure why. On the otherhand I knit during more general crafty ones.

8. I, like many people, find my mind wanders/I doze off less during classes and seminars if I knit. I have only had one professor (in not so many words) tell me that they would rather I didn't.

9. My first knit along type activity was the YarnHarlot's Knitting Olympics.

10. I am one of those people who would rather give away a flawed item than keep it. (There is definately a school of thought that would be horrified at the idea though.)

11. This time last year, I had a big sewing effort to keep my heat bill low. We made a huge tapestry/quilt/curtain for our double glass sliding doors and draft stoppers for all of the doors in the house. I figure we need to use them for at least 2 years to recoup the cost of making these. (But it was fun!)

12. I have never made an article of clothing by sewing.

13. Despite having tons of cross stitching patterns, I have never finished a large piece.

14. I do not really care for cross stitched samplers.

15. I don't like to use markers in my art.

16. I really like Cray pas but almost never use them.

17. My first charity knitting was for an afghan on the BPAL forums.

18. Although I read Craftster, I rarely post.

19. I think the total worth of my unused stash as calculated by CraftMemo definately is motivation to destash (and scares my SO at times).

20. I went 6 months (from February to August) destashing/without buying yarn. Like any diet, this resulted in binging afterwards (in this case with sock yarn).

21. I went to my first SnB, because of a knitter I met on a MBTA bus.

22. I never really got the hang of drafting on a drop spindle until I worked on a spinning wheel.

23. I have never filled a paper journal. Despite this I am desperately tempted to try art journaling.

24. I have been known to mutter about relative differences in diffusion and reaction rates when dyeing with food dye in a gradient.

25. Socks on magic loop are the perfect bus knitting.

26. Everytime I show my daughter (age 7) how to knit, I need to reteach her when we next sit down to do it. This does not impress upon me my skills as a teacher.

27. I am drawn to blue fiber/yarn, but I don't wear it more than any other color.

28. I am a tight knitter.

29. Although I really like Addi Turbos in general, I have recenly found that the points on Inox needles rock for socks.

30. I am not usually good about doing gauge squares.

31. I have owned watercolor crayons for years but have only used them for face paint. (They are non-toxic and wash off easily later.)

32. Often even if I think I know who a project is going to go to, the project sometimes decides differently.

33. I am a social knitter.

34. Knitting both relaxes and focuses me. These sound like they should cancel each other, but they don't.

35. I am a process knitter.

36. I don't feel confident to draw something I can't see, even if I have seen it before.

37. My family has a lot of artistic and creative people, but neither of my parents are among them.

38. My step mother, on the other hand, is.

39. A good deal of my creativity extends outside of crafting to cooking. I am definately in the "food is love" and am always looking for new colorful, inviting and nutritious things to make for my friends and family.

40. I have dyed wool with both food dye (Wilson's and Koolaid) and acid dyes (Jacquard).

41. Koolaid is a great way that my daughter and I personalize items for her. She gets complete control over what colors in what combination will be there.

42. I haven't done much natural dyeing but am interested in doing so.

43. I am an avid reader, and that extends to my crafting as well. I not only collect books for patterns or how-to instructions. I also have books just for imagery that I like and/or inspiration.

44. The first thing I ever made with papier-mache was a Miss Piggie mask, that I wore in a parade. (We have a photo of it, but I don't remember what the parade was for.)

45. I recycle yarn.

46. My spinning wheel is an old Ashford Tradition that we had shipped from New Zealand.

47. I really like getting and sending mail. A favorite crafty projects is to create custom stationary using washes and sketches.

48. I don't cross stitch "correctly", making each "x" go the same direction. I discovered this halfway through a large project.

49. When drawing with pencils, I tend towards the softer (B) ones. The harder ones almost always go unused.

50. Altough I have knit several sweaters at this point, all of them have been for children or babies. I have not yet completed an adult sweater.



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