Sunday, September 24, 2006

Boston Knit Out and Crochet Too 2006

My daughter and I just got back from the KOAC, and we had a blast! We both showed up for set up, although I was slightly concerned about how much she could help. I had nothing to fear though, as she really was very helpful and earned her consumption of coconut munchkins.

Early on around noon, it was a bit sleepy and slow, perhaps because of the expected forcast. (Rain, rain and more rain.) The one exception to this was the great doorprize line. The picture here is not even as quite its longest length. See that little red tent on the left? That was where people were picking up tickets. I admit I didn't actually figure out how they were doing the doorprizes this year until after it was too late, so I didn't get to participate.

T also met another little girl her age, and they spent the pretty much the whole day knitting and playing together. I was really amazed at the level of concentration and maintaining focus she showed. I don't think that I have ever seen her stay at it for such a long sitting.

Sitting at the Blogger Cafe, I met a ton of interesting people. I also got to hang out with Kimberly, Guido, and and Chris. I have a bunch of new blogs I just added to Bloglines this evening, of which of course Rose Knitted Glasses is the only one I can think of off hand now.** Towards the end Lucy even got to sit for a bit and talk too.

I was a bit suprised that I had one person I did not know say to me "Oh you are Omly. I have read your blog." I guess a part of me assumed that all of the people who read this are just people who know me outside of blogland, especially as it is so new. I had a lot of comments on my double knit had I am designing/knitting right now too. I really should take in progress pictures in the near future.

I got a bunch of swag and discount coupons. (Arg I just ordered a bunch of cones from Webs too, and they had one for free shipping.) One afghan square got finished, while another languished at home, forgotten in the mad rush to get out of the house on time. Please excuse my quick washed out picture I took before running off to deliver it lest the charity table finish packing up first.

With T's new found friend and her mom (blogless?), we went to Windsor Button. I found the perfect boyfriend sock yarn, some gorgeous solid Cherry Tree Hill in teal, and enough pistashio Cotton Ease (all one dye lot) for a cabled sweater for my daughter.*

I am a bit tired, but I feel better than I have all week. I feel motived again and yet also relaxed. Actually I sent off a bunch of emails and was quite productive in general when I got home. Here is to hoping that this continues this week, since it plans to be a stressful and busy one at work.

*Note if you are in the Boston area and really liked the discontinued Cotton Ease line, Windsor Button has a good amount of red, orange, bright yellow, a softer yellow, and pistashio left. Once it is gone it is gone, so if you are interested definately call or email them.

**I have no idea how I forgot Pigbook and Sitcomgirl. It was great to meet you both.



Blogger Sitcomgirl said...

Hey Omly it was really great meeting you and chatting with you at the blogger table.

25/9/06 12:21 AM  
Blogger pigbook1 said...

Wonderful to meet you as well. Your daughter is adorable beyond belief. I am glad to hear that you got your square done! way to go!

27/9/06 10:53 AM  

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