Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Young Knitters

On the top of my bloglines this morning I saw that Carole posted about the Boston Knit Out '06. And look who you can see right in the front sitting on the green!

I took some photos as well. Very early in the day I saw a little girl and her mom Christene (who I had met previously at a great class at Mind's Eye Yarns), and I pointed out to Tab that they were the same age. So she ran off (under supervision) to go knit with her new friend.

I watched from the Blogger Table as she knit with her new friend and Christene nearby on the green. I was really surprised by how well long she stayed focused. They must have knit together for hours before running to play for a bit at the end.

We had started some knitting instruction last year, but only within the last few weeks has she been interested in doing it on her own. She has taken to packing it in her backpack and pulling it out when she is idle (whether or not I am there). As an example, Lucy helped me take a picture of her when she had on her own stopped during set up to take a quick knit break. I have also found her doing it when she is over a friend's house, and they were both crafting.

Originally I had given her some solid colored acrylic for easy stitch recognition, but she never really took to it. She is now working on some self striping wool (brand?) that she picked out at Mind's Eye Yarns. She says it is going to be a scarf for her toy dog.

It isn't perfect. You may notice that it gets a bit wider at first, but it seems to have settled at about this width. I already plan to keep an eye on it, and when she tires of it, I will tuck it away until she is older. Who knows, someday she may have her own young knitter that she will want to share it with.



Blogger Sitcomgirl said...

It's so great that she's already concentrating on it that much. She is so cute!

27/9/06 10:59 PM  

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