Saturday, September 30, 2006

Crochet in a Day

Yesterday I ended up taking the intro crochet class at the Knitting Room that I has previously mentioned that I wanted to do. It was great! I picked it up fairly quickly and managed 2 simple shapes in the 2 hour class. Obviously the photo was taken yesterday, when there was still sun in the Boston area.

So now I am looking for something to try my new found skill. I was thinking of A Maiden's Glory from The Anticraft (specifically I like the choker for myself, but maybe I will try the headdress for my daughter to wear), which I had been dying to make since it came out. I may start simpler and try to do my first granny square though. I could always send it as a square for Grandmother Purl. Any thoughts from crocheters out there about which would be a better starting project?



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