Friday, October 20, 2006


By the way, if you cross stitch and don't mind stupendously large pieces if they are gorgeous, Heaven and Earth Designs is having 25% off all pieces until midnight tonight in honor of their 5 year "birthday".

I picked up a few patterns that I had been eyeing this afternoon. There were 2 in particular that I had been considering for a while. Scott Gustafson's St. Nick in His Study really struck both my partner and me. I am not usually a fan of seasonal pieces, but it has such a warm Scandinavian sort of feel to it. I also really liked Selena Fenech's Motherhood. I have a thing for mermaids and nayads, and this image is just beautiful.



Blogger Kim said...

You picked 2 great charts. I have Motherhood and it's on the "to be started" list.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Don't be too impressed with my progress on my knitting and stitching. Right now I'm working like a woman possessed on Magic Witch(fueled by lots of coffee) and the socks are in my purse all the time so when I'm waiting anywhere I pull them out :) Normally my stitching progress is REALLY slow--as evidenced by my other 2 WIPs.

Have a great weekend!

20/10/06 10:30 PM  

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