Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Ha! I am such a joiner. There have been a bunch of knit-alongs recently that have perked my attention. I have already started a couple of them, but I figured that I would take a moment to briefly talk about them.

Project Spectrum 2.0
The new color system intrigues me, and as you may have noticed I like creative prompts available even if I don't follow them. I also really like the idea of doing art or crochet or dyeing in addition to the knitting.

Lime & Violet's Sock Marathon
There are somethings that one just shouldn't know. The total length of my sock yarn stash is one of them. Not including non-sock weight yarn (though I may make some more worsted socks) I have 16.4 miles or 26.3 km of sock yarn. Yipes! I would like to knit at least 2 miles of this before April is here.

Knit from Your Stash 2007
I am not a New Years Resolution type, but I do like to challenge myself. Last year I went yarn shopping free from Febuary to August (6 months) so I know that I can do this. Plus I am looking to graduate and possible move in the next year or so, thus less stuff to move is good. As seen above with the Sock Marathon, I have a lot of sock yarn since socks are one of my favorite things to knit. I also have yarn for a few sweaters that I have been thinking about, so there is no need to buy anthing there.

My one major difference from the stated rules is that sock yarn will count. Also I have at least 2 babies being born this year among my friends and family. I will endeavor to knit from stash from them, but will consider purchasing for them if need be.

Dulaan Project 2007
I know I have mentioned this project in the past, but I thought it was worth mentioning again. This is a great one for using up odd ball yarn I have around the house. I have already done 5 projects for the 10,000 or Bust drive, but I will probably do a few more items this year.

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