Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Creative Gifts

I am very lucky to be surrounded by generous people, many of whom want to encourage my creative endeavors. The award for most odd yet awesome gift from goes to my mom, gifter of the clear hand that will go with my clear glass head for taking blog photos. I already mentioned the Twisted Sister Sock Workbook in my knitting library post, but I have been reading it over the last few days and it is so great that it deserves mention again. Have I mentioned that my sister rocks?

Also in the above photo is a silicone snowflake mold (Have you tried these? I love them for muffins and loaves of bread. They have much better clean up than traditional pans.), "bird" embroidery scissors that will go in my cross stitch bag, a handy stamp with common phrases to go on cards, and a box for storing 12"X12" scrapbook paper.

This year may very well be known as the year of the the scrapbook paper. Between the stuff I got at Sparks Craft Studio when they stopped carrying that size (Why? It is great stuff!) and that I bought with a JoAnn's Fabric gift certificate from my brother (in both 12"X12" and 8"X8" sizes) I have tons. I really need to use some up before getting any more.

My aunt also got me a gift certificate to Knitting Treasures in Plymouth, MA (sorry no website) which was mentioned by Knitty D and the City awhile back as one of their favorite yarn stores to visit when they went to the cape. Despite having a lot of family on the south shore, I had never been in there so I was really excited to do so. I have to say they have a very good selection, and the owner seemed quite nice (if confused about the fact that I was the knitter and not my mom). I probably would have been quite torn about what to get had I not seen these beauties in the clearance basket. The Fortissima was just $10 for the pair and is in my colors. The Lang Jawoll was $3 a skein! But there weren't two of any of the more man-friendly colors. So I now have a dark brown, dark navy and black for use in toes and heels. Dark solid sock yarns are always useful.

To top it all off I also received a package from my LJ Secret Swap Pal. I can't believe how much stuff Moosey got in there! I am not sure what I will make with the yarns, though I suspect the Moda Dea Gleam has been claimed by my daughter for trim on a hoody. The rest of it all has already been adsorbed into the stash with purpose. I have been dying to knit the Simple Knitted Bodice and that is to-be-knit this year. The crochet hook case will be put to work soon. (If you can't see it, it is hidden beneath the glare in my less than stellar photo.) And then there is the super cute wooden needles with matching stitch markers. The wood feels really smooth, and I think it would work well with many yarns.

There was also some yummy minty treats inside, which is fabulous because I am a mint fanatic. I have already broken into the peppermint lip butter, and I will be using the spearmint soap as soon as I finish Misti's goat milk and honey soap.

I am holding off on the sweets in an attempt to make them last. I know that the Ghiradelli white mint squares in particular are wonderful, and the peppermint bark looks great too. I am not sure what I will do with the charms though, as they seem to have somewhat small rings. I can't decide if I want to use them in jewelry making or just put them on larger jump rings for knitting ease with larger needle sizes. Decisions, decisions!

All and all I just wanted to say to the universe in general and to my generous friends and family that I am grateful. Not just for the supplies (though that too), but because I appreciate the unstated support behind them that my creativity is important to them and that they would like to see me pursue it. The gifts are welcome, but as always it is the thought that counts. And that thought is one that I really appreciate.



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You made out so well! I'm impressed that your Mom bought you something like that. It is nice when your family takes the time to figure out something you would really like! I'm glad you got the ATC I sent you. I need to get them posted on the Flickr group, but my computer is aggravating me at the moment. You can go ahead and post it if you want. Thanks

9/1/07 12:51 AM  

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