Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Whew! This will make it in just under the gun as I will be sending it out this week. It is my second card for the Creative Mom Podcast Artist Trading Card Swap, done in Prismacolour Markers and a Pigma Micron pen on cardstock.

With my partner in Asia at the moment I have been playing with drawings of asian things. Although my partner is in China, he has a great foundness for Japenese culture, so I was thinking of him while playing with different ideas. I hope to continue a small series with different kimonos such as this one.

Although not perfect, I am seeing improvements in my use of these markers. The trick is in not allowing the marker to dry before continuing the color. Otherwise you get very obvious streaks. There is a little bit of streaking here, but it is much better and mostly just in the background. It is nice to see some progress!

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