Monday, November 20, 2006

FO: Easter Bunny Socks

Yarn: Cascade Fixation, Color No. 9518 (50 g, 100-186 yards)
Fiber Content: 98.3% Cotton, 1.7% Elastic
Supplier: Windsor Button
Pattern: short row heel and toe, toe-up sock (52 st circ) with 1X1 cuff and sewn bind off 2-at-a-time on a circular
Needles: 32" Knitpicks US 2 circulars (magic loop) & 40" Addi Turbo US 1 circulars (cuff)

There are several different things I want to mention about this project. The first of which is that this pair was made out of a single ball of the fixation. I know that I can usually get a decent sized pair of kid socks out of a 50g ball of wool, but given the higher density (and thus lower yardage for the same 50g) I was a little worried about the size of the socks this would make. It turned out there wasn't much to fear as I think these turned out to be of a decent length.

Then there is the yarn. This was my first time working with Fixation, though I had heard a lot about it. I love the resulting fabric, which is nice and cushy, but I can't say that it was my favorite thing to knit with. It wasn't bad exactly but because the yarn is so stretchy lengthwise, gauge meant very little. I had several other people try knitting a row to feel how weird it was and you couldn't tell where they had knit at all since the yarn hid differences in gauge so much. One other minor issue with the yarn was that I could not for the life of my figure out where the inner end was and ended up rewinding the ball with my ball winder before I began.

I worked up most of the socks on US size 2 needles, which was just about perfect. I wouldn't want to work on them with any smaller of a needle. Also this was my first time using the Knit Picks needles: love! These are everything that you have heard about. Almost dangerously pointy, they were great for socks. They had all the slickness of my addis, which I really needed for this material in particular. And the cord not only has a good join, but it is very flexible too. It did not crimp with "normal usage" in magic loop like some of my circulars have.

And as for the recipient, she loves them. My daughter grabbed them as soon as I had finished weaving in the ends and is happily wiggling her toes inside them while she draws even as I type.

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Anonymous Renate said...

I did knitting some years ago. Still have some socks and love them. Your beautiful pair makes me want to start knitting again :)

21/11/06 3:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Would you think that the sewn bind off is the most stretchy one? I have a pair of toe-ups to bind off and and I am in doubt.

Jantine Bootsman, Zeist.

23/5/07 3:53 AM  

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