Friday, November 10, 2006

Rogue: Beginning the Body

Since we had some sun today I thoght I would take a chance to get some good photos of the color of the yarn I am using for Rogue. These 2 balls are what is left from knitting a sleeve each. Sheep is for scale. Notice the difference in size; I have no idea why either. The smaller ball was just enough for the kangaroo pocket though. I was a little unsure about weither or not to do the pocket, but my SO voted decisively that he thought I would ultimately be glad that I did, since I love pockets. He is probably right.

Here is my progress on the body. I just finished the lower portion of Chart A.It is funny how I can see my life stress in my knitting. I tend to knit faster and tighter. This sweater is recommended on size 5-8 needles. I knit the flat portions on 9s and in the round on 10s. Despite that, I am really happy with the results. And when I am done, not only will I have a warm sweater to snuggle up in, I will also have a testimate to my ability to trudge through and get things done. Somedays I need that reminder.



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