Friday, October 27, 2006

Lonesome Skein Stash

The first step is admitting that you have a problem...This is my stash of single skeins (less than 250 yards each as per the community guidelines). If you are thinking "hey that isn't that bad" please remember that I have next to no storage room in our apartment and that these are just the skeins I only have one of. Actually that isn't completely true as it doesn't include any single skeins of sock yarn, skeins with yardage over 250 yards or yarn for WIP.

This yarn has all different original plans. Some I had definite plans for. Others were gifts or swaps. A fair bit of it was just sale yarn that I had half an idea for. Some is acrylic from my initial period of learning to knit. There is even some recycled and hand-dyed that I did earlier this year. My hope with the Lonesomeskein KAL is to get this pile reduced to a more managable level.



Blogger BlackRayne said...

If you need help destashing some of those, they can come hide in my ever-growing stash for a bit. ;)

29/10/06 2:13 AM  

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