Friday, October 27, 2006

Latvian Mittens

Aloha and Oreos posted about the Latvian mittens being given to NATO participants (more information can be found here).

This almost makes me sad that I haven't really done any colorwork. I have told myself that Latvian mittens are too garish, something I couldn't see myself or my family actually wearing. Yet I hover at the bookstore near the section of books on Latvian knitting.

You see my grandfather was born in Latvia (actually one of his parents grew up right outside of Riga). The part of me that identifies with that Latvian heritage feels like I should give this style of knitting a chance. And honestly I don't think I realized the variety in styles. Mittens traditionally from the Zemgale region for example are a lot calmer and in earth tones that really appeal to me. Perhaps this is something to look back into.


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