Monday, November 20, 2006

Good Stash Acquisition Weekend

This was a great weekend for yarn. And the best part was I had already paid for all of it a while ago, so I could totally just grab it and go.I picked up my order from Mind's Eye Yarns' Sockfest. The black Regia cotton and Trekking XXL will both become BF socks. The "smores colored" Regia cotton and burgandy Regia are destined for general sock stash.

Inside there was also my first skein from Lucy's sock club. It is a really pretty combination of colors that all make me think of the heritage breeds of roses my grandfather would grow. It has the almost purply pinks, blushing coppers, and softest pinks. My mom immediately loved it when she saw it. I know it may sound sacrilegious, but I am strongly considering not making socks with it. Instead it may become a lacy scarf for my mom to wear with her suit jackets (I sneakily checked; it would go with all the ones she has) since the colors are ones that I think would be particularly flattering with her silver hair, rosy cheeks and blue eyes. The question is: is there enough time left until Christmas? I don't have much else as definite for Christmas knitting, so this just might be possible.
I also got a package from the Spunky Eclectic. I had accidentally sent it to my sister's house, so while I saw some of my family this weekend, I finally got my hands on this package. I am particularly excited about the "I <3 Fall" sock yarn, which I want to make into a pair of socks for myself.


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