Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Show and Tell

This week the Hogwarts Sock Swap is having a Friday Show and Tell. The idea being that you post progress on your pal's socks, and in the process earn your house some points. Remember that if you are interested in this swap but didn't get involved early enough there will be a second round of sign-ups starting on July 14th.
Unfortunately my socks are not a great deal larger than when I last posted about them. If only this little figure was performing wandless magic for me! I could really use Hermione's knitting charm at the moment. I did get a few rounds done in a thesis defense this week (congratulations MP!), but other than that they have been sadly neglected in favor of my sister's wedding shawl. (But guess what project will come with me to the wedding shower.)

The yarn is Louet Gems fingering weight in Sandalwood and French Blue, though as I have said before if I had it to do again I would have ordered the Ginger rather than the Sandalwood. The pattern is my own standard toe-up one with the Sandalwood for the toes, heels and tops of the cuff, so no complaints there! I am thinking about stripes at least at the cuff, but no decisions have been made there yet. These are being knit at a fine gauge (9 sts/inch) on US Size 0s.

Due to another more complicated project I need to get finished, I had to select something simple pattern wise for the socks. (For those interested in shawl progress, I have finished the edging on one short side and am more than halfway through a long side. Will I make it? It will depend how much I can get done on Saturday. I would be more than amazed if I got to the halfway point before tomorrow.) A stockinette sock with some ribbing seemed perfect for my partner's socks. And with the nice tight gauge they should wear really well.

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Anonymous jules said...

Cool socks! In my colors, too! :)

And the shawl is gorgeous.

25/5/07 3:32 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Thanks for your Show and Tell Hogwarts picture! 5 HOUSE POINTS to SLYTHERIN!

25/5/07 4:26 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Thanks for dropping by! I'm impressed you are able to get so much knitting done... I hardly knit at all when I was in school :-)

Are you at MIT by any chance? I have a friend starting his master's there (in chemE) this fall.

25/5/07 4:58 PM  
Blogger Rosemary said...

Do you know, I totally prefer bronze-leaning-towards-brown for Canon Ravenclaw items.. Much better than the bright orange that people seem to want to default to. And it goes without saying that I definitely prefer brown/bronze to WB's silver.

26/5/07 4:07 PM  

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