Friday, November 21, 2008

RAOK Hufflepuff Markers

The worst part about cleaning isn't actually doing it. It is looking for things for months after they have been safely "put away." Recently, when I was ready to go out and buy another pair of round nose pliers in frustration, Salvbard pointed out that he had helpfully stored them inhis toolbox. Why in the world would I look in there for my craft supplies. Obviously our minds work fairly differently sometimes.

Despite the challenges, however, I did get this set of Hufflepuff stitch markers done to send out as a random act of kindness to a forum member over at PFW. I had picked up these gold-tone head pins at Windsor Button to better coordinate color-wise, but for some reason was not expecting how much softer they would be. While that did make it a bit easier to work with, I am a bit nervous about how well they will hold up to significant use.

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