Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flashing the Stash 2012

Unfortunately I was traveling on the official Flash Your Stash day (April 1st), but I did sit down on the following weekend to pull out and document the stash. Then it was just a matter of actually getting the pictures off of the camera and uploaded.

The right hand side is worsted weight, while the upper left side is sport and DK weight.

The two small piles on the lower right hand side are my novelty yarn and lace weight/crochet cotton stashes respectively. I actually was fairly surprised by how little lace weight I had left. Not to fear though I still have plenty of fingerweight if I get the urge to knit lace.

The top of the picture shows my handspun stash, while all the bottom is fingering weight. It includes both sock yarn and other fingering weights that are not as suitable for socks. A have a few different options of sweater quantities, and I still would really like to make myself a fingering weight sweater one of these days.

Not shown here is the yarn associated with WIPs, but I am hoping to get in gear documenting what is in progress. So you may be seeing those in a bit.


Blogger Jasra/Lisa said...

Two queen sized beds worth of yarn! That's mighty impressive!

22/4/12 5:04 PM  

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