Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cozy Socks

Given how behind on the 26 pair plunge I am and how few socks I have knit for myself recently, I figured I would make a pair of cozy, soft, thick worsted weight socks for myself. I am under no illusions that I will make the plunge, but I did want to do a bit more in the sock department.

This yarn had been hanging out in the stash for long enough. Just over 3 years ago (!) I finished asweater for Chiquita from this same yarn. It is very soft and the colors are wonderful. It still had the same bleeding issues as when I worked with it last time, but as this project was so much smaller, it was much more manageable.

Yarn: Interlacements Oregon Worsted II in color 203 Submarine
Yarn Source: Somerville Yarn Swap (in 2008!)
Needle: US 5 - 3.75 mm
Pattern: Easy Peasy Socks for First-Timers by Stacey Trock
Pattern Source: Free Ravelry Download

Modifications: I made the cuff a little longer than the pattern per my preference. Also I did a 2X2 rib rather than a 1X1 and continued that patterning down the top of the foot. And I used an eye of the partridge heel rather than a plain stockinette one, for better wear.

You might well ask why I bothered with the pattern at all at this point. I admit to some laziness/brain fatigue. Work has been crazy, I didn't want to figure out numbers of stitches. But having said that I was impressed by the clarity and layout of this pattern. I think it would make an excellent primer for someone who was just trying to learn to knit socks for the first time (from written instructions).

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Blogger Jasra/Lisa said...

Those are pretty. I love that yarn. :)

Maybe I should learn some knitting next!

10/4/12 1:23 PM  

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