Monday, February 16, 2009

Do You Have Information on this Yarn?

Offer: a yarny prize for information on the identity of a mystery yarn

Many moons ago, there was a fabulous Somerville Yarn Swap put on by the Ravelry Boston Yarn Party group. I came back with a bunch of great yarn, including one that I need help from all of you in identifying.

Here is what I can tell you about this yarn:
  • It is worsted weight.
  • It seems to be made of wool, or some other natural animal fiber blend.
  • Whoever donated it to the swap had left it in the form of an unfinished sweater.
  • This is what is does to my hands after knitting with the unknit balls:

Do you know anything about this yarn? Have any ideas based on a colorway you think you recognize? Might you know who donated this yarn? I will further pull a drawing for anyone with information that may help lead to a identification of this yarn.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forget who it was thin woman, dark hair, didn't stick around much after the first dump of yarn, just grabbed the Noro and ran out... but it was supposed to be Interlacements, I think? She insisted that it was some really expensive yarn... because it had a pretty high point value.

20/2/09 12:24 PM  

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