Friday, June 05, 2015

Lilac and Lady's Slippers

A while back I had a desperate urge to cast on a sweater for myself. Fair enough, it has been five years since the last one. Wait, seriously? How did that happen? Well I guess I don't knit a whole lot of sweaters to begin with, so fair enough.

So I dug around in my stash of sweater yarns. (I know right. Why do I have a stash of sweater quantity yarns if I don't tend to knit sweaters. It is inexplicable.) I have been wanting to knit Dark and Stormy for ages, so that was what I had in mind as I looked through my options.

From the shrine of precious yarns, I found a bag of Reynolds Odyssey (discontinued) that I had bought from Windsor Button during their closing sale. Odyssey is one of my favorite yarns, so why not make something that I can wear all the time and actually get to enjoy it. 

The color is called lilac and is made up of many shades of soft purple, pinks and greens. From a distance it reads as a soft grey mostly, but I like the depth the color shifts add.

I worked on yesterday's daily sketch while Chiquita worked on her homework next to me on the couch. Earlier in the day I had kept putting away this image, thinking I should do it some other time. Ultimately like the lilac sweater, I realized "Why? What am I waiting for?"

mechanical pencil on cardstock

I had originally been planning to work in colored pencil, but when I took out my sets I was displeased with my options for pinks. They will definitely be used soon though. I am itching to work with color.

So far these sketches have all found homes, but I will probably end up running out of names from my postcard-art form. If you haven't already and are interested, please drop me an address for a random small piece of art.

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