Monday, January 04, 2016


New years day I worked on a number of symbolic projects of things I wanted more of in the new year. Among others I went hiking with friends, knit a bit and broke out my spinning wheel.

The fiber is Ashland Bay English Wool top in Bayberry from Pollywogs. I am fairly certain it has been in my stash for less than 10 years... fairly certain. Which just means it is totally time to use this beautifully blended wool. 

After setting everything back up, I spun a full bobbin. I definitely noticed that I was rusty, but the body memory was there.

Currently I am debating a 3-ply to even out the thick-and-thin places a bit, but that would give me a fairly heavy yarn. After I finish spinning all of the singles I will do some sampling and see what I think.

Does anyone have any great recommendations for using some possibly quirky handspun? I will have 8oz of something that i think will be between a worsted thick-and-thin (2-ply) and a bulky 3ply.



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