Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rainbow Socks for Majes

Quite a while ago I had knit a pair of socks for Majes. *ahem* And by quite a while ago, I mean they were finished in December 2013, gifted for the holidays and promptly went directly on his feet. I spot him wearing them all the time but somehow we kept forgetting to take a picture for the blog.

Yarn: Patons Kroy in Mellow Yellow and Regia Nation Color in 5399 (discontinued)
Yarn Supplier: Wisconsin Craft Market and Carodan Farm Wool Shop respectively
Needles: US 1 / 2.25mm

This was quite the precious yarn. Regia has discontinued it forever ago, and it was highly sought after. I knew the two balls in my stash were for something special though and was excited to have them find their recipient. To maximize the yarn I had these were knit toe-up with a color-coordinated heel. I did take the time to match the striping sequence before I started, but the two balls were pretty close to start with.

Since I have the ability to look at almost 2 years of wear, I can say that these have held up great! The color has held well, and they are in good shape with no noticeable wear in them. The only trouble with them is that the heel is maybe a little too shallow, but that is totally of me rather than the yarn. And this is why I love Regia so very much. It holds up so well!

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Blogger Nicole said...

I love Regia for that reason - you get a lot of mileage on their sock yarn. Your socks look awesome!

30/8/15 11:45 AM  

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