Saturday, February 09, 2008

Crochet Squares

I finally got the last 9 squares done for my crochet sampler blanket. Now I just need to crochet all the connecting bits and the border.

top (left to right): double crochet, spring time square (X2), nooks and crannies
top (left to right): dreamcatcher, shell stitch, spring breeze, double crochet, maze granny square

Pattern: Shell Stitch
Hook: I/5.50 mm

Pattern: Dreamcatcher
Hook: G/4.25 mm
Modifications: skipped rows 6-10, 14

Pattern: Spring Breeze
Hook: G/4.25 mm
Lesson 4
Modifications: last row hdc replaced all sc

Pattern: Nooks & Crannies
Hook: G/4.25 mm
lesson 5
Modifications: umm, done wrong, but consistently so whatever

Pattern: Maze Granny Square
Hook: G/4.25 mm
Lesson 8

Pattern: Springtime Square
Lesson 8
*these two not included in yarn totals since it was done before the Stash Down*

Stash Down Yardage : ~370 yards by weight
Stash Down Mileage: 1.42 miles

Also I want to start a pair of Bellatrix socks in honor of the passing of Gigi Silva, their designer. I have narrowed it down the the three above. I was initially partial to the bottom skein of Trekking XXL. Chiquita really though the middle skein of Cherry Tree Hill was best. But then I was thinking the top skein of Bear Mountain might be even better with the green for the killing curse. Help me pick a colorway!

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Anonymous Robbyn said...

Okay - I went and had a look at the Bellatrix socks and I have to say I still think the Trekking is the one I'd pick - but the Cherry Tree Hill runs a close second.

But I'm also imagining them in a grey/black/white kind of colorway. Would be interesting :)

10/2/08 9:23 AM  
Blogger Becky said...

Very nice squares. For the socks, I also like the Trekking.

10/2/08 9:38 AM  

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