Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Thom's Squares

Over on Ravelry there is a group project (Ravelry link) going on to make a blanket for "Grandpa Rav", who broke both ankles, his elbow and a wrist 2 months ago due to fall from a 20 ft ladder. (And actually it is his birthday today.) To avoid making a house cozy, the squares are only 4" large and knit from machine washable blue and grey yarns.

Shell Square Yardage: 40 yards
Mitered Square Yardage: 48 yards
Total Stash Down Mileage: 0.98 miles

These are my two squares. I made the mitered square one yesterday, and the shell stitch crocheted square today. They were both made from doubled sock yarn. The charcoal grey is Jawoll, and the blue is Fortissima Socka, recognizable from my SPLJ13 socks.

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