Monday, January 28, 2008

You Make My Day

Oops! I went away for the weekend without checking on my Bloglines only to find that I was tagged with a You Make My Day Award by Robbyn of Yarnpath. I have to admit that was really surprised and touched by her kind words.

So now I get to award this to 10 more people who make my day. Blogging doesn't usually have to many "tangible" rewards, so it is a lot of fun to mention a few of the blogs that always perk me up when I see new posts. (Listed alphabetically by blog title.)

Ariel of Adventures in Sock Knitting - Beyond her amazingly prolific sock knitting, this lady is one smart cookie in her non-knitting life as well. Among many other great things, her knowledge and experience working with all different sock yarns and patterns is a great resource.

Diana of Bestitched - I first met Diana on a bus when we both whipped out our knitting at the same time, and I have to say that I always enjoy her posts on knitting, sewing, and her adorable daughter. She was one of the ones who really got me interested in sewing initially, so it is neat to see what she is working on.

Mrs. Pivec of Go Lightly Place - I love her thoughtful posts, full of inspiring photography and drawings. In some ways we are very different, but I always feel like we would be able to sit down with tea and sketchbooks. Visiting her blog is like dropping by with a friend.

Poppins of Handmade Homeschool - Her quiet loving support of her family shines through in her words, but she is also an inspiration in her ability to at the same time foster a creative spirit in both her self and her children.

Jessica of Ocean of Creativity - Although she has been crazy busy recently, she is usually a really productive seamstress and scrapbooker. I really like the way she plays with color and texture. I have been looking towards her work as something a step-up from the basics that I can do now, but hopefully will be able to do soon.

Rosemary of Quietish - Not only does she design amazing knitting and crochet patterns (I have knit some and more are on my queue), but I love the fact that she is so poly-craftual. There should be more general "craft blogs"out there, but this is one of my favorites.

Sketches by Fiz - I found this blog a while ago when I was surfing the blog-o-sphere, and I find her style to be incredible. I tend to like to work in a similar realistic style in pencil, and this blog is something to aspire to for me.

Julie of Stoneview - Not only does she create great knitted objects, she is also very talented in the kitchen. Every recipe that I have tried of hers has been great.

Blackrayne of Tangled in Laces... - This is one talented lady. When I first met her, she impressed me with her sewing skills, but she quickly picked up knitting and has been surprising me ever since. The last year has seen the first of what I hope will be a long run of knitting patterns, each better than the last.

Salvbard of What are you doing here? - I know I will come off a bit biased for this one, but blogging is something we do independently. So each post comes as a surprise to me. For those who don't know him, Salvbard is an engineer by trade and would probably tell you that he is by far no artist, but I think his photography gives outlet for his artist's eye.


Anonymous Robbyn said...

Very cool list Omly - I look forward to checking out some new blogs!

29/1/08 9:18 AM  
Blogger Jessica C said...

Wow... awesome list and THANK YOU so much for the comments! I'm very flattered :)))))

30/1/08 9:37 AM  

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