Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Warmer Winters

I went to a great panel on Friday sponsored by Warmer Winters, a non-profit local charity, providing warm clothing to local people in need.

This was our lovely hostess Janet, who masterminded the programming.

She provided needles and bags (both that she made herself!) to those wishing to make scarves over con for Warmer Winters, and then each person was given a skein of Lionsbrand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick and instructed to cast-on 12 sts and knit garter stitch until they ran out of yarn.

Stash-wise this meant I was given 108 yards (which I promptly knit into the scarf below), but I also gave away 328 yards of Red Heart Baby Soft to a crocheter who wanted a sports-weight yarn, so we are still making progress on the stash.

Yarn: Lionsbrand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Claret 640-143
Needle: US 15 / 3.75 mm
Stash Down Yardage: 108 yards
Total Stash Down Mileage: 0.81 mile

This is actually my first garter stitch scarf. Odd, but true! Although I did a garter stitch swatch when I learned to knit, I then started on a ribbed scarf to figure out purling.



Blogger Bev Love said...

That is a great cause, what a neat idea - the bags and needles were. Your organizer/hostess was very generous.

Bev aka paletpc
Slytherin Prefect

24/1/08 12:00 PM  

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