Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Naughty Nurse Cap

And now for something completely silly. My sister got me a copy of Naughty Needles for Christmas, and although there are many things that I would never make in it, I was oddly tempted to make the "Nursie".

But why you ask? Well there is this great group of people called the Heinlein Society, and this will be the third year I have helped out with promoting their blood drive at Arisia as a Naughty Nurse. Good people doing good work and having a great time.

Pattern: Nursie
Pattern Source: Naughty Needles by Nikol Lohr
Yarn: Cascade 220 Wool in white
Supplier: Woolcott & Co
Yarn: Knit Picks Pallette in red
Supplier: Knit Picks
Needle: US 15 / 10.0 mm
Stash Down Yardage: 115 yards

As an added bonus this project meant that I got to break in a needle felting set that I hadn't used yet. So I grabbed a random skein of Cascade 220 held doubled, and I was off. I have a freakishly small head, if anyone else was to do this I would recommend triple stranding the yarn.

And as the pattern gives no hints about actually wearing this, I have to say that if you can find them you would be a lot happier with Amish hair pins than bobby pins. You can stick them right through the felt to really secure it well, since they have pointer tips.

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Anonymous Robbyn said...

So glad to see the Naughty Nursie cap came out well - and it looks good on you!

So you'll have both your sweater and your cap for the con - Woot!

16/1/08 8:23 AM  
Blogger pigbook1 said...

that event looks like so much fun! Love the hat :-D

16/1/08 12:45 PM  

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