Sunday, January 06, 2008

Getting Organized

It is funny how this time of year brings out the organizer in so many of us. January seems time to reassess our goals and our tools we have to get us there. To that end I recently cataloged my stash, which allowed me at the same time to re-organize all my yarn. Think of my amusement then to discover that the theme of this week's church service was getting organized (with a reading from "It's Hard to Make a Difference When You Can't Find Your Car Keys" by Marilyn Paul and discussion of the Story of Stuff website).

This is my main yarn stash. It fits under my (twin) bed width-wise and holds basically anything that is not "sock-yarn" (ie fingering or dk weight yarns).

Yardage-wise though this second bin is the source of my excess. The types of sock yarn that come in just one hank or ball are at the bottom, while matching dyelots are paired in plastic bags. Right now these bags do not fit neatly in with the lid closed, which is my ultimate goal. I counted that there was about 70 pairs worth, but with all of this "sock" yarn my stash total comes to 41.75 miles (67.19 km). Figuring that I knit 21 pairs this past year, this puts me at about 3.5 years of sock yarn stashed.


Blogger mommacurran said...

I am in a knitting group where we do a lot of charity kitting. We have had a lot of yarn donated and we need to store some until we can use it. Have you ever had trouble storing yarn in plastic bens?

7/1/08 2:24 PM  
Blogger Sunshine said...

You are WAY more organized with your yarn than me! LOL

9/1/08 6:12 PM  

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