Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Socks ATC

The December prompt for the Creative Mom Podcast Artist Trading Card swap was "gift". And I know my recipient is an avid Harry Potter fan. So it was only natural that I wanted to combine these two things. I was thinking about what my favorite gift that was given in the series, and the answer was quick to come to mind.

Although Mrs. Weasley is famous for her knitting, there is another knitter who knit Christmas gifts: Dobby! (Actually there are 2-3 more knitters if you count Hagrid's "circus tent" he was knitting on the train, Hermione's SPEW knitting, and Dumbledore's love of reading knitting patterns, but I cannot attest to whether or not they knit Christmas gifts.)

This ATC was worked on cardstock in watercolor.

Socks seen here:
  • Vernon's sock ("foul" "mustard-yellow" and "extra knobbly") that Harry gave to Dobby
  • One red sock with broomsticks and one green sock with Snitches, that Dobby knit for Harry, after buying the wool from the wages he is now free to earn
  • the black "slimy" sock that Harry gave Dobby that won him his freedom - a bit grey from the wash?
  • a violet sock from the pair that Ron gave Dobby (knit by Mrs. Weasley)
  • an orange tube sock - because I can see Dobby doing tube socks at first before figuring out how to turn a heel
  • a blue Jaywalker - because muggles aren't the only ones who fell in love with this pattern
  • and finally a yellow sock in progress

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Blogger mommacurran said...

That is awesome. I am not a Harry Potter fan, but it is very creative. I know, I think I am the only non-Harry fan in the universe.

3/1/08 9:42 PM  
Blogger Marigold said...

Kewl! I love all those Dobby socks :) wonderful colors in the watercolors.

3/1/08 9:56 PM  

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