Monday, December 31, 2007

Wrapping Up the Old Year

I am not one to make New Year resolutions, but I do like the idea of wrapping up the old year. To that end I thought I would post a finished (previously hibernating) project and a public thank you.

Pattern: One Skein Wonder Baby Sweater by Linda Burt
Pattern Source: One-Skein Wonders
Needle: US 17 / 12.75 mm
Yarn: N.Y. Yarns Action (3.2 yarns)

I modified the pattern to account for my different gauge. I used a cast on of 52 sts, with 24sts picked up for the sleeves. This project has been done for weeks, only needing buttons sewed on. Today I decided was the time to finally do this. Yay! I need to send off this sweater, before the baby out grows it.

I have mentioned it before, but my family is absolutely fabulous when it comes to supporting my creative pursuits. The most exciting gift was a new sewing machine! My old machine has mostly given up the ghost, and the tension pretty much doesn't work at all. Chiquita had been doing some sewing this past year, so hopefully this will be a great thing for both of us.

I also got several knitting books. My mom got me Latvian Mittens, which is fascinating to me as my Papa's family was Latvian. After a little time looking through it I know that it is something I can see myself reading both for informational content and for actually knitting patterns. The other two books (Naughty Needles and Domiknitrix) are from my sister and totally crack me up. Amusingly I did find things in both that I might knit.

Finally for the obligatory crafting recap, I have to say that I am shocked by how much I got done. Final tally:
Baby Sweaters: 6
Other Baby Items: 17
Cell Phone/Camera Cases: 2
Pairs of Felted Clogs: 3
Hats/Earwarmers: 11
Pairs of Mittens/Mitts: 5
Shawl: 1
Socks: 21
Toys: 2

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Anonymous Robbyn said...

Not a bad tally at all, Omly :) Best and warmest of New Years to you and yours!

1/1/08 9:49 AM  

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