Sunday, December 30, 2007


For the last few days Salvbard and I have been out of town. I couldn't mention it previously for fear of spoiling , but we went to Binghamton, NY to surprise wish one of my closest friends a happy birthday. The visit itself was great, but I am exhausted.

On the way there, we took the opportunity to stop and see WEBS, as it is just a bit further west than we normally have any reason to go. It was very neat to see it in person, as I had only ordered from them online before. I didn't pick up much, but there is a funny story to that.

I picked up a few free patterns (for yarns that have been discontinued) and one lone ball of the discontinued Jaeger Matchmaker DK. I only need a few yards for a (Harry Potter) House Sweater, but I will use the rest in a pair of socks as toes and heels.

So I go up to the counter with my purchases behind just one person. Obviously I am new, because I didn't realize that standing behind the lady with all the cones that have to be weighed is probably not the fastest option, but that is okay. I have knitting in my purse. I am knitting away, and her total comes up: ~$175. Not bad when you think about how much she got though.

At this point there is a significant line behind me though. So I step up a bit, and a woman who had walked up to the other side of the previous woman shoulders her way in next. Whatever, once again I have knitting. Her total: just over $300, but only because she put back 2 full bags of yarn.

And then finally I got to pay my $2.99 for my purchases. Woohoo, big spender! The staff did a really great job with the sudden rush though and were just as nice to me as to those purchasing significantly more. Overall experience was really good, and it was a lot of fun to wander around both the "store" section and the warehouse shelves. For the latter alone it might have been worth the stop.


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