Friday, December 28, 2007

Native American Pottery

Recently I have come across several of my early knitting pieces that show exactly how far my knitting has come. In a similar vein I saw a cross-stitch piece that made me feel the same way. I don't do a lot of it any more, but it is something that I enjoy. It just isn't as easy to pick up and put down the way my fiber crafts are.

I took this photo this week while I was down visiting my grandmother. This was a gift from me to her for Christmas '04 or '05. It was my first major cross-stitch piece, and it has several faults, but I was so proud of it! If nothing else it could do with a nice press.

The pattern was in Native American Cross Stitch by Julie S. Hasler, and I made it on adia with 2 strands over 1 square. The embroidery thread is in the recommended DMC colors.

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