Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Stuff on the Needles

This week the 2 items on the needles are both completely new to the blog: a new pair of socks and a balaclava. Perhaps it is just because of the white outside, but I am loving the color in both of them.

The balaclava is going fast, and should probably be done tomorrow with any luck. I used a crocheted provisional cast-on with the hope that it will make the ribbing around the face neater. It was a last minute Christmas request, that would have gone unfulfilled except that I did the rest of my holiday crafting early.

The striping in the socks on the other hand is driving me a bit batty. It is very close to matching, but each stripe is not a predictable width. Sometimes you just have to let it go I guess with self-striping yarns.

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