Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow Day

I got emails early this morning that both my school and Chiquita's were canceled due to the weather, so we were free to snuggle up inside together. This was the weather around 10 am:

I am anxiously knitting away on the sleeves for the Quidditch sweater. The amount of grey for the stripe is going to be really close, but I will find out if I have enough tomorrow. If not it will just be slightly smaller, as there is not enough time to order more. (I bought this yarn at the Knitting Room, which is now closed.)

In other knitting news, we were watching the an episode of the first season of Fraggle Rock, specifically The Great Radish Famine. I do not remember this episode at all! All the radishes disappear and as a result the Doozers can't build anymore, so they all learn to knit. I can't find any versions online, but it is totally worth a lot solely for the Doozer Knitting Song.



Blogger Jantine said...

That looks just amazing! I love winter weather. We're having a storm here, but no snow. Too bad.

I looked up you Fraggles episode, and it's on youtube:


15/1/08 11:08 AM  
Blogger Hermoine Phoenixfire said...

Lucky you having time to relax. I've been far too busy with Potions and Charms homework. Did I forget to mention that I'm your swap buddy? Hope to hear from you soon and happy knitting!

Hermoine Phoenixfire

15/1/08 2:55 PM  
Blogger Becky said...

Oh, what wonderful weather to snuggle and knit it! Here in the South, we seldom get snow days, but we do have hurricane days from time to time.

15/1/08 5:31 PM  

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