Saturday, January 12, 2008

Camera Case Recipe

Another Ravelry member asked if I would be willing to write up the pattern for the camera case that I made my mom last year. Because each camera is different though, this is sort of a tricky task. They best way to make this is to follow the recipe below rather than a written out pattern. Sorry!

Do a gauge swatch for stockinette in the round: (sts)_____/(unit length)_________
Measure the distance around the camera in a roughly vertical way.
(distance around camera)____________ X 0.9 = ____________ = x
Measure across the back of the camera vertically.
(distance around camera)____________ X 0.9 = ____________ = y

Cast on number of stitches in last step. Work flat in seed stitch 2-3 rows. In the next row bind off the middle 3 sts (you can make this bigger or smaller based on how big your button is). On the following row, continue in pattern but cast on (using a backwards loop cast-on) the same number of stitches that you just cast off when you get to the missing sts. Continue in seed stitch for another 2-3 rows.

For the rest of the flap work in seed stitch for the first and last 4 sts and stockinette for the middle portion of each row. Work flap until it is long enough to cover the side of the camera with the seed stitch edge folded over (where it will later button). [End on a right side row]
Find x - y = ______= z

Cast on "z" stitches using a backwards loop cast on. Join in the round, being careful not to twist. Place marker at first sts of new round. Work all sts previously worked in seed stitch and newly cast on sts in seed stitch. Work stitches worked in stockinette in stockinette. Do this for 6-8 rows, then work all sts in remaining length of camera in stockinette. You can slide the camera in to check the fit after you work some stockinette. The fit should be slightly snug.

Decrease after marker. *Knit y-2=_____ sts. Place marker and decrease again. Knit (x-2y)/2= ___sts.* Place marker and repeat steps between *s. Knit even 1 round.
Decrease after each marker on ever other round until there are no more stitches between 2 of the sets of st markers. Kitchener remaining stitches.

Sew on button and weave in all ends.



Anonymous Robbyn said...

Nice little recipe there Omly :) I am marginally hopeful of acquiring a new camera this year, so I'm going to booknark this against possible future need!

13/1/08 9:56 AM  

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