Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Park Bench Knitting

What an amazingly beautiful day. I am so glad that I took Chiquita out sledding yesterday on one of the last few snowy hills, because today they were all water-logged with snow-melt. Not only did I get a chance to air out the house, but I could walk around outside without being bundled in nearly every woolen I own. (What did I do before wool hand-knits?!) It was so nice that I got a chance to sit outside in a 3/4 length sleeve shirt and knit at the park while Chiquita played with a friend.

Look at that view of Boston! I love this city. Sadly you get no in progress pictures today. The body of a sweater in the round is not terribly exciting, but I will share photos of it soon anyways.


Anonymous Robbyn said...

We're headed north today (Wednesday) and the temperature at 8:58 AM is already 53!

I like it. It's weird, but I like it :)

9/1/08 9:00 AM  
Anonymous diana said...

Yay Boston! Who needs progress pictres with a view like that?

9/1/08 7:58 PM  

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