Friday, January 08, 2016

Baby Bear Hat

A couple of years ago, I bought 2 skeins of the beautifully soft and luxurious Cascade Cloud 9 at Webs. This hat is super cute, even if a handwash material is super impractical for a baby. For how cute and soft it is, I am totally ok if it only gets one wear. I included minor modification thoughts at the end of this post.

This was the pattern where I finally accepted that I need to avoid angora containing yarns. (There is another angora project post en queue for the other skein.) Having said that, this little hat only took 19g, and I still have 31g left. Would you like the rest of this skein? Leave a comment with your contact info and I will draw a name next week.

Pattern: Baby Bear Hat by Gilda Knits (free Ravelry download)
Yarn: Cascade Cloud 9 (discontinued)
Yarn Supplier: WEBS
Needles: US 9 / 5.5 mm

I only had one minor quibble with the directions, as the instructions ask you to pick up "in the round" but then the following instructions are flat for garter stitch. I suspect the designer just wanted the stitches picked up one per "bar" but picking up on both sides does produce less forward bias, which I liked. So I modified the pattern by making the ears actually in the round, but I think knitting the "front" and "back" side stitches together in the first row would have given the neutral bias similarly.

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