Tuesday, January 16, 2007

FO: child's mittens

Yarn: Regia 6 ply Crazy Color color 5263
Supplier: Little Knits
Yardage: ~101 yards
Marathon Yardage: 560 yards

This past week winter has finally made a presence in new england. So when I pointed out to my daughter that she should make sure that she brought a pair of gloves or mittens to school, I was a little distressed when she claimed that she couldn't find any. That couldn't be possible; there were a full dozen at the beginning of this winter. Well indeed she was correct, because when I went into the outerwear closet I couldn't find any either. The only explanation for this predicament that makes sense to me is that it has been so warm that when I send her off with a pair, she is taking them off and leaving them on the playground or something, forgotten.

So I whipped up this pair over the weekend while I was at Arisia from some stash Regia 6-ply. Notice the very attractive cord for running though her coat sleeves. With any luck these will stay found a little longer than their predecessors.

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