Wednesday, January 17, 2007

WIP: Print 'O the Wave Stole

This fall I hesitantly offered to make my sister a wedding shawl. I didn't want to impose my style on her wedding at all, but I would love to make her a keepsake from this special time. Fortunately she was not opposed, although we had some problems finding a pattern that really appealed to her. Then I sent her to Eunny Jang's Print o' the Wave Stole, and she suddenly got really enthusiastic.

During the holidays she kept asking me if I had started it yet. "No, not yet," I replied. "I will after New Years." Well it is after New Years so I figure it is time to keep my promise. So I cast on tonight, and it seems to be going well. Per her preference, I will not be grafting this in the middle. Instead I just cast on the 80 center stitches and was on my way.

Here is the first repeat so far. I am knitting it in Zephyr (50% merino/50% silk), and it is absolutely delicious to knit. I just need to keep plugging at it so that I can get it done for the wedding in early July.

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Anonymous tiennie said...

I'm thinking of doing the Print of the Waves too but have never done lace. I'm going to watch your progress first!

17/1/07 11:34 PM  

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