Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dayglow Yarn

When we were first talking about getting me a spinning wheel we talked about a lot of pros and cons. It turns out though that it's major advantage was one we never considered. It is that I do a lot of thinking while I spin. Stuck on a research problem? I spin. Considering what I need to do for someone? I spin. Just for all the help it has done my research alone I think it has proven it's worth.This yarn was one such, where I spun it just to think. I didn't worry about color order and just let it spin up to the gauge it wanted to (mostly worsted after making into a 2-ply but with some sport weight and bulky spots). The important thing was just to keep my hands busy so that my mind was free.
You may remember this roving as the one that I dyed with leftover easter egg dye this year. At the time it was done in Project Spectrum colors, but I didn't get it spun up before the color set changed. The shades are a little dayglow for me, and I was thinking of just creating a Dulaan item with it, but Chiquita is already inquiring about items for her.
74.2 g/54 m correidale from Three Elms Farm

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Blogger Jessica Chapman said...

OH WOW! I want some of this... how can I get it?!

16/6/07 9:57 PM  

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