Monday, June 04, 2007

FO: Baby Surpise Sweater

Since I was on a roll being good and finishing things, I thought I would also finish this baby sweater that I had put aside until I was done with the wedding shawl. Seriously this sweater is so much fun to knit that I definitely can see myself knitting another stripy version out of left over stash.

Yarn: Cascade Cherub DK
Yarn Supplier: Mind's Eye Yarns
Needles: US Size 6 32" circular Addis
Button Supplier: Fabric Corner
Pattern: EZ's Baby Surprise Sweater

Modifications: I only did 4 button holes, and only did them on one side. Also since it did not say how to seam the sleeves, I chose to do a slip stitch seam which was a first for me.

When I was in
Mind's Eye Yarns on Saturday I noticed that there is an excellent selection of this yarn still (though not this color I believe), and I highly recommend it. It is so incredibly soft and squishy. It can not even be compared with most acrylics I have ever felt. Plus I had enough left over from 2 skeins that I am going to try to make an accessory for the sweater (hat or booties, decisions decisions). Plus there is no need to worry about garment care which is a must for baby items. Now that is good value!

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Anonymous Robbyn said...

That's a beautiful little sweater and a wonderful color too! I have the wrap (surplice style) version of the pattern from the most recent Vogue Knitting and I think I'm going to be giving it a try very soon! These are such cute little garmants...

5/6/07 9:56 AM  
Blogger Jessica Chapman said...

I love it. I've got so many things buzzing around right now, but I really need to learn to do this!!!!!!!!!!

6/6/07 8:27 PM  

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