Monday, May 28, 2007

Question and Answer

I have had a few questions in my comments recently, so I thought I would take a moment to address them. Also if you scroll down to the bottom you can see my "random 7".

Would you think that the sewn bind off is the most stretchy one? I have a pair of toe-ups to bind off and and I am in doubt.

I do think the sewn bind off is one of the most stretchy out there. Sometimes I find it a little undesirable when I am gifting socks though (particularly for men) as it can sometimes have a ruffly appearance when not being worn. Otherwise though it is hands down my favorite bind off for toe up socks.

Jessica asked:
How long have you been knitting for anyway?

I have been knitting for just about 2.5 years now. I learned the first winter break in graduate school, because I wanted something to do with my hands to relieve stress.

Also she asks:
Do you find crochet hard since you knitted first? And are you able to switch between the two freely?

I actually learned to crochet first, a very long, long time ago sometime in elementary school. Let's just leave it at the fact that I didn't take to it at the time. Then this year I decided I really wanted to learn how to do it correctly and took a great class over at The Knitting Room in East Arlington (highly recommended for both price and quality of teaching). Having said that I haven't done a ton of crochet, but I would like to do more in the future.

Actually Crafty Daisy is doing a great crochet tutorial at the moment, which if you follow along will give you a sampler crocheted afghan at the end. I am doing this as a way to feel more comfortable with more complicated patterns and learning to read crochet shorthand instructions.

Also I've been tagged by Jessica at Ocean of Creativity for a random seven things about me. I am not one to tag seven more people in this "meme" though so tag yourself if you feel like.

1. We don't have a television in our house.

2. I absolutely love the Pretender series. It is one of the few tv programs that I miss. Fortunately since it is not on the air anymore, I can now watch it on DVD. We have had the first season for a while, but we just got the second series this week. That leaves only 2 more seasons before we have them all.

3. There are more computers in our house than people. I myself have 2: my laptop (an ibook hand me down from Salvbard) and my desktop.

4. I love brusselsprouts (fresh only, none of that frozen kind), but I hadn't ever had them until I was a grown up since my mom doesn't like them.

5. I don't deal well with the heat. I just pretty much melt during the worst part of the summer.

6. However I am too energy stingy to turn on the heat above 55*F for myself (I'll turn it up to 65*F when Chiquita is home and awake though) in the winter or the air conditioner in the summer unless it is in the upper 90s and humid.

7. I am trying to eat mostly locally this summer. We eat a lot of our canned/frozen/otherwise preserved food from the summer in the winter, but we always end up not doing so well with this attempt in New England winters.

If you are looking for more random information about me see my 50 crafty facts or my 50 more non-crafty facts lists.

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Blogger Jessica Chapman said...

Funny that you answered the questions and did the meme all in one! So you've been knitting for 2.5 years, huh? So, I have a while to go before I'm an expert like you... LOL :) --and I think it's totally cool that you don't have a TV in your house. I wish I could be so disciplined. So, another question!!! When you knit, do you listen to music, podcasts or books on tape?

30/5/07 12:35 PM  

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